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Multifunctional Style HTV-CALCULATOR - Request a Sample

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Our goal is to make your HiTech Vendors purchasing experience efficient, straightforward, and informed. We understand that sometimes before making a purchase you may want to see a sample of the actual product.
Due to the demand and actual sample costs of our high quality products, HiTech Vendors does charge for samples. We will be glad to provide any product sample for the lowest unit price available online plus freight. (i.e. we charge the 2500+ unit price for a single product sample). However, when an order is placed with HiTech Vendors within 60 days of the sample receipt, we will automatically credit the full single sample cost towards your new order. If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 1-224-635-0024 or email us.
A single pre-production sample with your custom logo can also be created for the cost of the sample plus the actual printing cost.
Please contact us if you would like to order a pre-production sample with your specific logo.
Please specify sample request details:
Multifunctional Style HTV-CALCULATOR
Multifunctional Style HTV-CALCULATORMultifunctional Style HTV-CALCULATORMultifunctional Style HTV-CALCULATOR
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