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256MB PC133 133MHz 144-Pin SODIMM SDRAM

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Manufacturer: PQI
Mfr Part #: MCCC-422FA3201
Product SKU: HV3213
Condition: New
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PQI continues to apply the latest technology to higher end products development. PQI is committed to manufacturing quality memory modules that are compatible with various types of motherboards on the market.

One of today's most versatile and powerful laptop memory chips are the PC100 and PC133 144-PIN SDRAM SO-DIMM modules. These cross-brand, cross-platform modules provide the best upgrade for PC100/PC133 Laptop systems. Support old as well as new models, these modules will give your Laptop that extra memory and speed boost it may have lost during its operation.
  •  144-Pin SODIMM (Dual In-Line Memory) Module
  •  Pins: 144-PIN
  •  Plating: Gold Plated PINS
  •  Serial Presence Detect with Write Protect Feature
  •  Voltage: 3.3V
  •  CL (CAS Latency): 2
  •  Clock Frequency: 133Mhz (PC133)
  •  Clock Access Time: 8ns
  •  Single Pulsed /RAS interface
  •  Burst Type: Sequential or Interleave
  •  Automatic and controlled Precharge Commands
  •  Suspend Mode and Power Down Mode
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