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Samsung 512MB PC1066 RDRAM Non-ECC 184-Pin RAMBUS RIMM

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Manufacturer: Samsung
Mfr Part #: MR16R162GEG0-CT9
Product SKU: HV3873
Condition: New
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Rambus' RDRAM memory interface enables exceptional system bandwidth-to-cost ratios for a broad range of consumer electronic, networking and computing applications. Systems implementing the RDRAM memory interface benefit from the highest bandwidth per pin. The RDRAM memory interface achieves its high-speed design with innovative architectural and circuit features such as a highly efficient packet-based protocol, pipelined command and data, low-voltage signaling and precise clocking to minimize skew between clock and data lines.

RDRAM is used in the highest-performance PC systems. RDRAM memory operates at high-frequency for increased throughput from each component. Current mainstream RDRAM memory operates at transfer speeds of 1200MHz. DDR is targeted towards mainstream applications and typically operate at transfer speeds of 400MHz, and SDRAM is used in low-performance systems. RDRAM is performance memory for users seeking to the highest performance from their PC RDRAM-enabled PCs excel at graphics, multimedia, CAD, content creation, and office applications.

NOTE: RDRAM Rambus memory must be installed in pairs
  •  Bus Clock: PC1066 (533MHz), Also Support PC800
  •  Manufacturer: Samsung
  •  Pins: 184-Pin, Gold Contacts
  •  Module Type: RDRAM (Rambus Dynamic Randum Access Memory)
  •  Memory Type: RIMM (Rambus In-Line Memory Module) Type
  •  Data Integrity Check: Non-ECC
  •  Speed: 32 ns
  •  Supply Voltage: 2.5V
  •  Warranty: Unconditional 30-Day Money Back; Lifetime Warranty
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