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Sandisk 2GB SD Ultra II 15MB/S Card Multi-Pack

Price: $39.00
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Sandisk Authorized Reseller
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Manufacturer: SanDisk
Mfr Part #: SDSDH2-002G-A11
Product SKU: HV4777
Package: Retail
Condition: New
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Get the most from your Sandisk 2GB SD Ultra II 15MB/S Card Multi-Pack with these accessories!
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CABLE USB A-A M/F Extension 6 feet CABLE USB A-A M/F Extension 6 feet
SanDisk Memory Card Carrying Case SanDisk Memory Card Carrying Case
Plastic Case for SD Secure Digital Memory Cards Plastic Case for SD Secure Digital Memory Cards
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HiTech Vendors Generic line of Flash Cards are our company's attempt to pass on the savings for high quality Flash Cards that we were able to get through our numerous trusted suppliers and overall experience in the field. We know how frustrating it can be to find a source that you can trust and get a competitive price. Our Generic line of flash cards do exactly that.

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Storage Chart - Number of Pictures and Media Files Per Flash Card

Camera Type Music** Audio Books+ Video++ E-Mail+++
2 MP 3 MP 4 MP 5 MP 6 MP 8 MP MP3 & WMA Books Minutes Files
128MB* 149 113 95 74 60 40 24 13 8 2,720
256MB* 298 226 180 149 119 79 48 26 17 5,440
512MB* 595 452 381 298 238 159 95 51 34 10,883
1GB* 1,190 905 762 595 476 317 190 102 68 21,766
2GB* 2,379 1,808 1,524 1,190 952 635 380 204 136 43,532
4GB* 4,758 3,619 3,046 2,381 1,905 1,270 760 408 272 87,064
8GB* 9,516 7,238 6,092 4,762 3,810 2,540 1,520 816 544 174,128

(MP=Megapixels: MB=Megabytes, GB = Gigabytes)+

* Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and is not available for data storage. Some devices may not support all of the options listed. Consult your owner's manual for supported configurations.
** Approximate number of songs. Assumes 4MB file size. Results may vary based upon compression rates and devices used.
+ Approximate number of audiobooks. Assumes 2 hours of MP3 Format 2 content or 3.7MB/hr. file size. Results may vary based upon format quality of download.
++ Approximate minutes of video clips. Assumes MPEG1 format, 1.5Mbps file size. Results may vary based upon video compression rate.
+++ Approximate number of file attachments. Assumes 35K file size attachment per email. Results may vary based upon file size.

    Size  32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm(L x W x H)
    Op. Voltage  2.7V~3.6V
    Op. Temperature  -25 °C(-13 °F) to 85 °C(185 °F)
    Durability  10,000 insertion/removal cycles
    Weight  2g
    •   Mechanical Write Protection Switch.
    •   Number of Pins: 9 Pins
    •   Compliant with Secure Digital Music Initiative(SDMI) portable device requirements.
    •   Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Manufacturer Part Numbers for Sandisk 2GB SD Ultra II 15MB/S Card Multi-Pack
    SD2GB-OEM, SDSDH2-002G-A11
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