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Sennheiser RS120 926 MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle

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Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Mfr Part #: RS120
Product SKU: HV5469
Package: Retail
Condition: New
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The RS 120 wireless headphones from Sennheiser deliver spacious, well-balanced sound with solid bass response. The included radio frequency (RF) transmitter has a maximum range of 300 feet and can send its signal through walls and ceilings. That means you'll be able to enjoy your music just about anywhere in or around your home — even outside.

The transmitter doubles as a handy storage stand, and it also conveniently recharges the headset's "AAA" rechargeable batteries. The transmitter is wall-mountable, and its attached cables let you connect it to any stereo or home theater system with a standard stereo RCA output.


  • cushioned, on-the-ear design with open earcups and a padded, adjustable headband
  • 900 MHz RF (radio frequency) wireless transmission
  • selectable 3-channel transmission
  • transmitter/storage stand charges the headset's battery pack
  • transmitter can be wall-mounted
  • attached input cable
  • includes two "AAA" NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • headphones include volume control, on/off switch and tuning button
  • frequency response 22-19,500 Hz
  • listening range: up to 300 feet
  • AC adapter
  • transmitter dimensions: 3-3/8"W x 8-7/8"H x 5-5/16"D
  • headset weight: 8.2 oz.


Open-Air, Supraural On-the-ear Design: Sennheiser headphones adjust to the shape of your head, with their joints, flexible materials and extendable arms. Comfortable cushions provide optimum comfort in those places where sturdy material would rest on your head.

Transmitter/Recharger: The system comes with an RF transmitter that connects to an audio source via preamp outputs. Its transmission range is from 926 to 928 MHz. It transmits a signal to the headset, using one of three selectable transmission channels. With this powerful transmitter, your crystal clear listening range is up to 328 ft. The transmitter has an automatic On/Off function. It switches on and begins transmitting when it detects an audio signal, and will switch off if it detects no audio signal for 3 minutes. The transmitter also functions as a storage stand/charger for the headset's NiMH rechargeable battery when not in use. This unit also has overcharging protection. There is a keyhole slot on the back of this transmitter for wall mounting.

Headset: The headset features cloth ear pads for listening comfort. The left ear cup has a compartment for the user replaceable rechargeable battery, and an On/Off switch. On the right ear cup, there is a tuning control for tuning the headphones to the base, and a headset volume control. The headset also has contacts that allow the battery to be recharged when the headset is placed on the transmitter/storage stand.

Rechargeable "AAA" Batteries: Power for the headset is provided by two "AAA" rechargeable batteries that fit into a compartment on the headset (supplied). The batteries in the headset are recharged whenever the headset is placed on the transmitter/storage stand. Fully charged batteries have an operating time of about 20-25 hours. The manual recommends an initial charging of 24 hours before the batteries are first used, after that the normal charging time is approximately 18 hours. Note: Only rechargeable batteries should be used.



  • Channel Switch: allows you to select transmission channel 1, 2 or 3
  • On/Off: Green LED indicates whether the unit is on or not
  • Charge Indicator: A red LED will illuminate when the battery in the headset is being charged


  • Volume Control: allows you to adjust the volume of the headset
  • Tuning Button: allows you to tune the headset for the clearest reception
  • On/Off Switch: turns the headset on or off



  • Audio In: this cable is permanently attached to the transmitter, with stereo male RCA connectors at the other end.
  • DC Input: for use with supplied AC adapter


  • Charging Contacts: interfaces with charging arms on transmitter to charge the "AAA" NiMH batteries.



  • Carrier Frequency: 926-928 MHz

  • Modulation: FM stereo

  • Frequency Response: 22-19,500 Hz

  • Dimension of Transmitter: W=3.303", H=8.799", D=5.256"

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