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512MB PC133 SDRAM ECC Registered 168-Pin Memory

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Mfr Part #: MDS133-64X72R
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This memory is manufactured by a major memory producer to provide you with the trust and quality that you can expect from HiTech Vendors.

To take advantage of today's more powerful processors, we recommend PC133 memory. This 8 nanosecond memory is certified to run with 133MHz bus speeds. It matches today's high-megahertz processors stride for stride to give you maximum performance and speed. Surf faster, run more problems simultaneously, run memory-hungry applications easily. PC133 is the smart choice.

ECC Modules may only be installed on systems that support ECC. You cannot mix ECC and Non-ECC modules even if your system supports ECC.

ECC Memory is used primarily in Server based computers.
  •  Bus Clock: PC133 (133Mhz)
  •  ECC
  •  Registered
  •  Pins: 168-PIN
  •  Plating: Gold Plated PINS
  •  Module Type: SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory)
  •  Memory Type: DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) Type
  •  Data Integrity Check: ECC Registered
  •  Voltage: 3.3V
  •  CL (CAS Latency): 3
  •  Memory Specification: PC133 168-PIN SDRAM DIMM
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